Monday, September 16, 2013

When the Earth Lights Her Lamp

Me and the big roan, we leave fast.
A long trot to check some waters,
Look around,
Lope some circles,
Learn some stuff.

The evening is iridescent.
Just before dusk that light, luminous, rises,
And expands…

Mother Earth lit from within.
Reminds us that her heart will beat strong
Long after we are gone.

A bluebird herd escorts me down the draw
Dipping and diving around our shoulders.
They’re talking about leaving, too.


It’s the time.
The chill is coming on.

Ol’ Roany, he don’t care,
He just likes to go.
I’m thinking South would be a
Good direction…

Except I’d miss all this,
And that glow
                               …In the evening.

1 comment:

Lisa Thompson said...

Glad you got your "Mojo" back. This is beautiful!