Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Speed of Life

Surrounded by generations of good neighbors we make our way
through a wadded up world full of info and gadgets,
but no wisdom.

Old ways still work.
The ethics of give and receive, a hand when it is needed.
Skills honed, the rope thrown true, the bridle horse built, calves and kids cradled and saved.
A community of courage and resolve
to survive.

We use every tool, we tap that info,
Make that data fly through devices.
Serve our purposes.
Tools that can work at the speed of light,
the internet,
…or commerce.

What we forget.

Just like ropes, and saddles, horses, neighbors, and families…
sometimes they don’t work at all,
except at the speed of

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Melody said...

the speed of life....love your poem sue! Thanks for sharing!