Sunday, September 15, 2013

Life at a Full Gallop

You are a hard charging
Horse trading son of a bitch.

I stand amazed
Watching you work--
                Work that phone,
                        Work those averages,
                                  Work those caballos in your head.

There’s three loads stacked up
Let’s get some wheels under them.
Gotta Go.
Get old Snowball fired up.
Let’s roll.

Go by the house and pick up that roan horse.
He’ll fit your deal.
He needs a job.

Yeah, that mare
That’s some breeding, huh?
We got the ROM on her.

                              Hey, call me this afternoon
                              Gotta go up North, but we’ll get together
                              We’ll go do something.
                              Will that work for you?

Hell yeah. That works for me
I always have liked this Sweet Life fast and focused.

Let’s go…

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