Saturday, September 21, 2013

The True Infrastructure of the Legislature

In this Wyoming legislature, each of us,
We are an institution, true,
But a human one.

Our camaraderie burnished, seared,
In a crucible of robust, vigorous, debate--sometimes in concert,
Often opposed--decorum religiously observed

Emotions honed, constrained
By civility, an integrity
That transcends ordinary.

A session, forty days of intimacy more familial
Than adversarial, we know each other's idiosyncrasies,
Who we trust, who to keep at arm's length.

Know for sure that if some worst thing occurs
We could count on any one of these
Ninety souls to leap illusory isles,
Vault partisan divides,
Abandon the haughty chambers
To come to the aid of a member
In need.

These relationships ring down through history,
Generations girding the foundation
That supports a formidable state,
A mighty nation.

Some say it is all because of a strong constitution,
The free nation founded on principle,
But I know it is due to nothing more complex
Than respect and kindness between

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