Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Out the Political Gate

Politics is a lot like putting cattle through a gate.
Works best when you bunch 'em easy,
Let them find that hole themselves.

But sometimes you need to get 'em
On the move--way ahead of time.
Don't give 'em time to think or look around.
Just come a ki-yi-ing,
Whip and spur, and push 'em hard.

And sometimes when they get all balled up,
Start milling in a tight circle,
You just need to whack ol' Roany on the ass,
And wade into the middle of 'em,
Bust apart that mindless paradigm, loosen 'em up,
Then just go ahead and lead 'em through
The gap.

Course it always helps if you have a few good hands,
Well mounted, to bring 'em on.
A good dog or two to nip 'em around the edges.

Politics--it's all about relationships, and coalitions.
Knowing when to push,
When to hold, where to be...

And when it's time
To just get the hell

                       ...Out of the gate.

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