Thursday, December 27, 2007

Odyssey With Cows

in the time of plenty
is an anomaly
we lean to.

For we have wandered long
and searched for such solaces
as we could find…
mired in a slough of
difficult circumstances,
sloshing between the
desperate but full-bellied
times of cows
with no money,
and the even more
disturbing and trying
times of money
but no cows.

Our odyssey has been,
a long sojourn with
many changes of fortune.

Thanks to those Scotch and Irish
tyranny escapees
who slipped their chains
and lurched into this
open land,
swallowing it whole
and violent,
so now the land itself
exudes from the
pores of generations.

Thus our forbears
preserved an ancient
Celtic insistence on
self determination,
propagated an archaic
to the powers and pleasures
of nature.

What I want to know is…
in this particular, multi-generational
odyssey with cows

where is that
god damn
golden fleece?

Maybe we should
reconsider sheep?

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