Thursday, December 27, 2007

How Can I Explain…

to some idealistic
that I understand
and empathize
with views of non-violence
and peace,

don’t trust any government
to lose my firearm,

draw my deities
from natural orders
where human beings
are insignificant pimples
in circles of predator
and prey,

know my place in the food chain.

Whether worms or cougars
get me first
depends on time and chance.

Don’t like to kill,
know how to butcher,
how to hunt,
think flesh is good,
and pure and food
for souls
and kids.

And, how can I possibly explain
that racing horseback,
loose and wild through
treacherous enchanting terrain,
sailing loops from
rope swung, weary shoulders
to catch wily mustang mares
is the most exciting,
and addicting occupation
known to

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