Sunday, June 16, 2013

No Step for a Stepper

Dad taught me how to swing a rope and
Step on colts
How to eat a slicker-full, cowboy style
Tomatoes, peaches canned and sardines
With a pocket knife
He taught me ways that cattle work
When to push and when to hold
And where to look
He taught me pride and built me strong and he
Tried to teach me

When I jumped wrong, shied back when I should've run--
Or didn't know
He was there with a hand for my shoulder

When the baby came, but the daddy didn't, I went home
Young and scared
Mama hugged me, held me hard and told him for me

I didn't know, but
Daddy looked at me, "What will you do?"
I said, "I'll keep it"
Dad said, "Good"
And put his hand on my shoulder

When the Governor called and I became the Chair of the Board
Too young and scared, I didn't think I had it in me
But Daddy smiled, said, "Just start stepping"
Put his hand on my shoulder
And I knew I could

When I married wrong, but didn't know
He held his tongue, and stood by me

Delighted in his grandchildren
When the fourth one died unborn, but whole
He saved my soul, just looked at me
Smiled sad and slow
And put his hand on my shoulder

When Grandad died--the family's memories mine to say
The tribute for an honored man, deep-loved by many
I didn't know if I had it in me
Dad's hand on my shoulder, and his eyes of pride
Knew that I could
And so did I

To the very end when times are hard
When I don't know
I'll look within to find my Dad
To see those eyes and feel that hand
And know I can

To the very end I'll always hear
Those Daddy words of his
As the challenge comes
When the road gets rough or disappears
When the tests are tough
With that hand on my shoulder
That flash of eye, that cocky grin
And those words from him--

"Hell it ain't no Step...for a Stepper"
And he shows the way
So I can set to Stepping

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