Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lead Mare

My mother, Myrt Wallis on Huckleberry with my sister Dorisann.

That woman there
She can be a lead mare
Has watched horses so long
And so well she can tell what goes on
In their minds

It's that high-thrown head
How she holds her shoulders
Watch...she'll kinda hunch then
Throw her weight in ways
Unseen by us, but understood
By the saddle bunch.

Once she tried it in Kentucky
That lead mare bit
And it worked there, too
At one of those fancy outfits
White board fences
Blooded thoroughbreds
She slipped away from the crowd
Stood quiet, moved her body
And they all quit grazing
Tossed her head
And they all came to her
Just like they do

At the ranch.

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