Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hancock Compliments

He could have said you're sweet as pie,
Or that you're prettier than pasture posies.
He could have said your company was precious, or twice as nice
As anything.

But no...none of that would say it good enough to suit
And shy, he struggled with emotions seeking the proper relevance--
'Midst contemplations of his boot he found it, and spoke it
Before it slipped away, or took a fright
And hid again.

The finest compliment that he could possibly imagine.
He hoped that she would realize that even so,
It still wasn't quite as much as he would like to say,

"You are a woman I'd be proud to ride beside,"
He said, "you remind me of a really fine
Hancock horse--
The kind that you can do anything astride,
The kind that's full of try."

And she, shy too, swelled up with pride inside
And couldn't speak, but knew exactly what he meant.
Went racing home to brag to Mother--
Comparing herself to the supple athleticism, the
Tenacity, the incomparable intelligence of the
Finest cow horses this country's ever

...Couldn't believe it when her Mom,
Kinda hurt her when her Mama
Listened to her breathless repetition
Of his wonderful Hancock comparison
And laughed.

Laughed and laughed and laughed "That's great!"

"Hancock horses...perfect wives,"
Dear mother laughed and cried,
"Hard-headed buckers tough to break, big in the hind end,
and mostly Ugly
In the head!"

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